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Enhancing the Guarantees of Human Rights Protection in the New Constitution of Uzbekistan


This year, the international community commemorates two significant milestones: the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 30th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action on Human Rights. The remarkable history of the Universal Declaration has effectively demonstrated the universal value of human rights. These rights are indispensable for the attainment of peace, security, and sustainable development.

Uzbekistan supports the UN Call to Action for Human Rights. The importance of human rights is at the forefront of the continuous efforts to modernize the political, legal, and socio-economic aspects as outlined in the Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy. This Strategy aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and is committed to upholding the principle of “Leaving no one behind”.

Over recent years, under the guiding principle of “Upholding the Honor and Dignity of Man”, extensive efforts have been undertaken in the nation to implement the National Strategy for Human Rights. This includes the integration of international human rights and freedoms standards into national laws and the incorporation of these standards into the activities of government agencies. Uzbekistan has actively demonstrated its commitment to these ideals by actively participating in the United Nations Human Rights Council as a Member, fostering close collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as engaging with Special Rapporteurs addressing human rights matters. Spearheaded by Uzbekistan, the UN Human Rights Council adopted three Resolutions focusing on the rights of youth and children. Moreover, in conjunction with international partners, four international forums centered on youth rights have been organized.

In April, Uzbekistan conducted its first constitutional referendum, with a primary emphasis on protecting human rights, interests, and upholding human dignity. The revised Constitution delineates Uzbekistan’s core values as a sovereign, legal, secular, democratic, and social state.

The constitutional provisions relating to human rights have expanded significantly, now comprising over 50 articles, more than tripling their previous quantity. The Constitution reaffirms the nation’s dedication to fundamental principles such as human rights, freedom of speech and conscience, and the equal treatment of all citizens, regardless of their nationality, language, or religion. Moreover, Uzbekistan's new Constitution incorporates well-established international legal doctrines, including the Miranda Rules, Habeas Corpus, and Pro bono, ensuring access to free legal aid.

Uzbekistan has formally prohibited the use of the death penalty in its new Constitution, as stated in Article 25, which explicitly declares the death penalty shall be prohibited”. This aligns with the principles outlined in the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Uzbekistan actively supports the global and regional efforts to eliminate the death penalty, including its active engagement at the UN Human Rights Council.

The constitutional amendments are directly actionable norms, primarily focused on ensuring the protection and fulfillment of the specific rights and interests of citizens from diverse social backgrounds, encompassing personal, social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental aspects.

The new Constitution ensures the right to address both national and international human rights bodies. This is the first time in the OSCE region that the standing of national human rights institutions has been constitutionally recognized.

The constitutional complaints institution is embedded within the Constitution, meaning citizens have the right to approach the Constitutional Court. The Short-term Strategy for the elevation of the judicial system from 2023 to 2026 has been outlined, alongside an Action Plan. Plans include broadening the scope of the Habeas Corpus doctrine, introducing the role of an investigative judge, adopting the self-governance principle for judges, and amplifying the significance of the bodies of the judicial community.

Torture and other types of violence are prohibited at the constitutional level. Article 26 of the New Edition of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan establishes a prohibition of torture, violence, and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The state uses institutional and legal mechanisms to strengthen guarantees of human rights in this regard. Additionally, the Nelson Mandela Rules have been incorporated into both legislation and practical implementation.

In accordance with recommendations from United Nations statutory bodies and treaty committees, a National Preventive Mechanism was established, following the “Ombudsman Plus” model. The roles of the Children’s Ombudsman, the National Center for Human Rights, and the Business Ombudsman have been expanded to encompass oversight of penitentiary institutions. Furthermore, amendments to the Civil Code have been enacted to outline procedures for compensating victims of torture. This step aims to facilitate the provision of social, legal, psychological, and medical assistance to individuals who have suffered from torture.

The implementation of international human rights standards, especially the protection of the rights of women, children, youth and persons with disabilities, as well as the principles of social justice, have been given constitutional status. The Constitution of Uzbekistan in the new chapter “Family, children and youth” guarantees the protection of civil, political, economic rights of young people, as well as providing them with equal opportunities for development and self-realization. Moreover, a separate article within the constitution guarantees that talented youth have the right to receive higher education funded by the state.

Since 2019, Uzbekistan has carried out five humanitarian missions under the “Mehr” (Benevolence) programme aimed at bringing back its citizens from areas affected by armed conflicts. These operations have resulted in the repatriation of 531 individuals, primarily consisting of women and children, who were located in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The government has implemented a range of extensive measures to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of these returnees into society. These measures include efforts to prevent social stigma, provide access to education, social programs, and employment opportunities, and enhance their living conditions.

In June 2023, the international community, gathered at the UN headquarters, had the opportunity to listen directly to the experiences of repatriated individuals who, after coming back to Uzbekistan, embarked on a new life. Uzbekistan's approach to repatriating its compatriots, which is in alignment with international law and involves collaboration with global partners, can be considered an exemplary method for repatriation. This approach ensures the welfare of children and the seamless reintegration of women who have returned from conflict areas.

In support of the UN Secretary-General's Global Campaign to End Statelessness #IBelong, the Uzbekistan government has taken tangible actions to put this important initiative into practice. Since 2016, more than 80 thousand stateless persons have received Uzbek citizenship.

One of the most important priorities of the state policy of Uzbekistan is the development of a culture of tolerance and humanism, strengthening interethnic, interfaith and civil harmony in society. Article 19 of the Constitution guarantees equal rights and freedoms and equality before the law without distinction of race, nationality, language and religion, as well as other grounds.

The national legal system of Uzbekistan contains serious penalties for violating the equality of citizens. The law ensures that ethnic communities can freely use their languages, sustain and nurture their cultural heritage, customs, and practices. The Republic of Uzbekistan is actively executing its State Policy Concept concerning Interethnic Relations, marked by the establishment of events like the “Day of Friendship of Peoples” and the introduction of the “Friendship of Peoples” badge. Additionally, “Houses of Friendship” have been established, housing over 150 national cultural centers without charge.

In Uzbekistan, television and radio broadcasts are available in 12 different languages, while newspapers and magazines are printed in over 10 distinct languages. Approximately 20% of secondary schools in the nation offer education in seven languages, including Uzbek, Karakalpak, Russian, Tajik, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, and Kazakh. General, vocational, secondary specialized and higher education is provided in the state language, as well as in other languages.

The country places significant importance on collaborating with business entities concerning human rights issues. Uzbekistan has established a Business Ombudsman, observes an Entrepreneurs’ Day, maintains an ongoing dialogue with business representatives, and is in the process of developing a draft Entrepreneurial Code. Furthermore, efforts are underway to implement the National Action Plan “Business and Human Rights”.

Uzbekistan continually upholds international standards of human rights in both its national laws and their enforcement. The country conducts evaluations on gender, human rights, and anti-corruption when examining legal regulations and their proposed drafts.

Country is currently putting into action the Concept for Enhancing Legal Decision-Making Processes. Specifically, they have modernized the procedure for developing and approving legal regulations by introducing digital methods. In the last five years, they have established a single electronic platform for developing and approving proposed legal regulations known as, a unified electronic platform for developing, coordinating, and recording decisions made by local government bodies called E-qaror, and an online platform for deliberating proposed legal regulations at

Uzbekistan acknowledges that human rights education is fundamental to promoting universal respect and widespread observance of human rights. The government actively participates in the UN World Programme for Human Rights Education.

The country is implementing the National Programme for Human Rights Education. Starting from the 2023/2024 academic year, educational and special courses “Human Rights”, “Women’s Rights”, “Child’s Rights” are being introduced in the system of vocational and higher education. Training courses are being opened on the rights of persons with disabilities, women, children and migrants. A series of manuals and brochures on human rights are published on an ongoing basis, and an Electronic Platform for Human Rights Education has been launched.

It is noteworthy that the upcoming fifth phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education will once more focus on the youth, broadening its reach to encompass children and emphasizing digital technology, climate change, and gender issues. All these topics were proposed during the Global Forum on Human Rights Education in December 2022 in Samarkand.  

Uzbekistan has actively joined the international campaign commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As part of this effort, various events are being organized to widely celebrate this anniversary. In line with the national program for the widespread celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, activities have been arranged to empower and raise awareness among young people about universal human rights. Additionally, these initiatives aim to engage the younger generation in comprehending the core values of freedom, equality, and justice.

In collaboration with the UN OHCHR, International Forum Youth Rights: Possibilities and Mechanisms of Protection took place, featuring the involvement of youth from Central Asian nations. During this event, a Central Asian Declaration was adopted. This Declaration will be presented at the High-Level Event within the framework of the “Human Rights 75” initiative in Geneva in December 2023.


Prof.  Mirzatillo Tillabaev

First deputy director of the National Human Rights Center of Uzbekistan 



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Часть I19:00Еврейская культура не всегда была ответом на нееврейскую культуру18:45Mossad's assassination threat and the reaction of Turkish intelligence16:30Vision of ‘Türkiye's century’: Türkiye as a system-building actor16:10В Москве прошла конференция: «Народы Молдовы в России - дружба на века».18:25Türkiye'nin ilk uzay yolcusu Gezeravcı'nın 9 Ocak'ta uzaya gönderilmesi planlanıyor16:10Sovet-İran danışıqlarının müvəffəqiyyətlə başa çatdırılması12:24В турецкой Конье чтят наследие великого поэта-мистика «Мевляны»12:19Никто из официальных лиц и спортивных чиновников России и Беларуси на Олимпиаду не будут приглашены16:15Узбекистан устремлен к «зеленой» экономике16:08Обеспечение конституционных прав граждан - основной вектор реализации социальной политики Узбекистана15:57Конституционные основы развития свободной рыночной экономики в Узбекистане15:46Усиление конституционных основ деятельности национальных институтов по правам человека в Узбекистане15:30Конституция Узбекистана в новой редакции — правовая основа устойчивого развития18:24Enhancing the Guarantees of Human Rights Protection in the New Constitution of Uzbekistan18:16Усиление гарантий защиты прав человека в новой Конституции Узбекистана11:13Uzbekistan is fortifying the foundations of political stability by strengthening interethnic harmony and friendship in Central Asia11:04Uzbekistan is creating a new national public security system21:40TÜRK BOYLARINDA KAMÇI21:50Президент Молдовы: Наш путь с Румынией общий – наше место вместе в ЕС21:41Klaipėdos I. Kanto viešosios bibliotekos direktorė Renata Rudienė: „Gimtasis Lazdijų kraštas visada užims dalelę širdies“13:44Xanlar Həmidin yeni şerləri ""-ın təqdimatında12:59Qarabağ xanlığı və ləzgilər11:21Антропологические материалы из Хошбулага (Азербайджанская Республика)18:08İnqilabçılar diyarı İran20:23Смерть и эволюция человека16:02Захватчики "Галактики": станут ли хуситы новой военной силой в Красном море17:00УРАРТСКАЯ «ДВОРЦОВАЯ КЕРАМИКА» НА ПОСЕЛЕНИИ ХУДУТЕПЕ (АЗЕРБАЙДЖАНСКАЯ РЕСПУБЛИКА)17:0640 yıllık varlık mücadelesi: KKTC dimdik ayakta11:46В Тегеране спорят о вариантах участия в войне против Израиля20:01İSLAM VƏ ƏRƏB DÜNYASININ HƏMAS- İSRAİL MÜHARİBƏSİNƏ MÜNASİBƏTİ14:38ИЗ ИСТОРИИ ИЗУЧЕНИЯ ТАЛЫШСКОГО ЯЗЫКА13:58Чи чIалан куьгьне къатар18:39Влияние Мирзы Фатали Ахундова на судьбу родного народа оказалось безмерным.18:28“EGYPTIAN STATUE”, REVEALED IN THE SOUTH-EASTERN REGION OF AZERBAIJAN, IN THE SYSTEM OF ANCIENT CULTURAL AND TRADE RELATIONS12:42Şöhrətpərəstlik bəladır20:14TALIŞ - MUĞAN BÖLGƏSİ ARXEOLOJİ TƏDQİQATLARDA11:10В Таджикистане официально и одновременно работают посольства двух афганских правительств10:56İsrail -Həmas qarşıdurması və fürsətcil İran14:34Институт Гэллапа признал Таджикистан самой безопасной страной в мире14:27Ташкентский саммит: новые перспективы для широкого сотрудничества стран ОЭС14:06Ethnic Russian Men Disappearing in Heartland and Being Replaced by Immigrants, Demographers Say13:58Ashgabat May Soon Follow Baku in Defining Ties with Turkey with the Formula ‘One Nation, Two States,’ Turkish and Russian Commentators Say15:43История жизни героя первой Карабахской войны издана в виде книги в Казахстане15:33Türk Devletleri Teşkilatı Zirvesi: 21. yüzyıl bir Türk yüzyılı olabilir mi?14:01Karabakh victory: Enhanced cooperation in region18:41Южно-Китайское море: новый зигзаг конфронтации?13:32В Стамбуле состоялся медиа-саммит информагентств тюркских государств14:51На острове Корфу хранятся артефакты культурного наследия Узбекистана12:29Azərbaycanca-haputca lüğət dərc olunub12:23Azərbaycanda "Talış dili" dərsliyi dərc olunub16:06Большая Евразия и Великий Туран: возможно ли взаимодействие?11:27В Китае открылся футуристичный Музей научной фантастики11:06Люди по всей Европе тысячелетиями ели «пищу маргиналов»20:32Древние карты Казахского государства показали на выставке17:22В Каратальском районе открыт новый историко-краеведческий музей17:02В Азербайджане продолжаются учения «Мустафа Кемаль Ататюрк - 2023»19:10Армия Израиля атаковала объекты «Хезболлы» на юге Ливана19:02«Хезболла» сообщила о новых атаках против Израиля18:56Türkiye’deki kazılarda yeni Hint-Avrupa dili keşfedildi19:46İRAN-AMERİKA MÜHARİBƏSİ19:24Истории казахстанских азербайджанцев19:16Как живут казахи в Азербайджане18:57Байден: Израиль не причастен к удару по больнице в Газе21:28KİMİN ƏRAZİSİ, KİMİN İQTİSADİYYATI DAHA BÖYÜKDÜR?12:49“Milli-mənəvi dəyərlərin və ictimai davranış qaydalarının təbliği” mövzusunda tədbir keçirilib12:15„Hamasi liidritel pole Gaza jaoks normaalset elu vaja, nemad elavad välismaal.“ Politoloog selgitab, kus on tänase konflikti juured11:26Why has the Gaza ground invasion been delayed since Friday?10:48Fələstin Dövlətinin Azərbaycan Respublikasındakı Səfiri Nassir Abdul Karim Abdul Rahimin bəyanatı10:40Statement by the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Azerbaijan Nassir Abdul Karim Abdul Rahim18:02Жители Баку знакомятся с казахской культурой17:57Bakı sakinləri qazax mədəniyyəti ilə tanış olurlar17:51Баку тұрғындары қазақ мәдениетімен танысуда17:57Русский язык в школах стран ЕАЭС и Азербайджана17:50Израиль впервые с 2006 года применил РСЗО в Газе17:41Из каких стран ЕАЭС в Азербайджан чаще всего приезжают туристы18:37Азербайджанская полиция несет службу на пунктах, освобожденных российскими миротворцами в Карабахе18:211941-1946-cı illərdə Cənubi Azərbaycanda xalqın milli özünüdərk prosesinin yüksəlişi və Azərbaycan dilinin mövqeyi18:14Rza Azəri: Mühüm bir sənəd14:26Fələstin Xarici İşlər və Qürbətçilər Nazirliyinin Bəyanatı21:02Труби шофар!!!13:49ХАМАС объявил Израилю войну14:40На Ташкентском кинофестивале состоялся форум культурной организации ТЮРКСОЙ14:24İRANDA KAPİTALİST, YOXSA XALQ HÖKUMƏTİDİR?11:34“Milli-mənəvi dəyərlərin və ictimai davranş qaydalarının təbliği” mövzusunda tədbir keçirilib.13:30İSLAM İLƏ XRİSTİANLIQ ARASINDA SÜLHÜN ELÇİSİ - ASSİZİLİ FRANSİSK18:57По случаю праздника Середины осени и Дня образования КНР оффшорные беспошлинные продажи в провинции Хайнань составили 426 млн юаней14:21МИД Турции: Организация тюркских государств служит делу мира и стабильности14:08Şuşalı qəhrəman İsrafil İbrahimova həsr olunmuş "Yalnız irəli-4" sənədli filmi nümayiş olunub10:07В Азербайджане издана монография "Этнокультурные сообщества Шахдага: между прошлым и будущим"09:43" Şaxdağın etnomədəni cəmiyyətləri: keçmiş ilə gələcək arasında" adlı monoqrafiya dərc olunub.17:42Peşmerge Kerkük'e geri mi dönüyor?17:23Путь урегулированию на Кипре - принцип двух государств17:15Beynəlxalq radio Qarabağda fəaliyyətə başladı: xəbərlər həm də erməni dilində təqdim ediləcək18:53Президент Байден встречается с премьер-министром Нетаниягу и оказывает на него давление18:24В Анкаре стартовал Фестиваль мировых культур с участием посольств 55 стран20:59Азербайджанцы Молдовы выступают против минного терроризма Армении15:16Антитеррористическая операция Азербайджана в Карабахе15:10В Евлахе завершилась встреча представителей властей Азербайджана и армянских жителей Карабаха19:19Туранские пустыни включены в список Всемирного природного наследия ЮНЕСКО17:28İmadəddin Nəsimi haqqında İranda tədqiqatlar16:26A Human Rights Report on the Azerbaijani Turks in Iran: April-June 202316:14Минобороны Азербайджана: В Карабахе начаты локальные антитеррористические мероприятия17:09Веха турецко-японской дипломатии: фрегат «Эртугрул»20:20В Баку состоялось праздничное мероприятие, посвященное еврейскому Новому году19:50Türk-Japon diplomasisinin miladı: Ertuğrul Fırkateyni18:24Ильхам Алиев рассказал о новой сфере сотрудничества между Азербайджаном и странами Центральной Азии19:00В Кыргызстане пройдет Конгресс «История тюркских государств»17:25Путин отметил важность реализации масштабных проектов на Дальнем Востоке13:24Карстовые воронки в Турции: причины их возникновения19:31Президент Алиев принял министров тюркских государств17:53В столице Татарстана продолжается фестиваль мусульманского кино11:2331 Ağustos günü çekilen iki telgraf14:40На матрице истины:Родословная армян и урартийская концепция (Продолжение)14:33На матрице истины:Родословная армян и урартийская концепция
  1. «Новруз» и «Эргенекон» в понимании наших предков
  2. Alagöz kəndində XIII əsrə aid Yəhudi (Xəzər?) qəbiristanlığı.
  3. Русский праздник Навруз
  4. İranın əsl üzü
  5. Fransanın İrana qarşı tarixi düşmənçiliyi
  7. Qonşun İran olsa
  8. Novruzun ilk çərşənbəsi - Su çərşənbəsi günüdür
  9. В Баку состоялся Фестиваль татарской кухни
  10. Экологи: Афганский канал Кош-Тепа ударит по водоснабжению всех стран в бассейне Амударьи
  11. Армения, созданая как антиосманский и антиперсидский проект для современной России полностью утратил свое значение
  12. Айдар - особая традиция в Казахстане сохранять прядь волос на макушке у мальчиков
  13. Мэрцишор – мартовское очарование. О празднике, его символе, исторических находках, легендах и традициях
  14. 28 февраля отмечается Всемирный день татарской кухни.
  16. Казахстан превратился в важного торгового партнера ЕС в Центральной Азии
  17. Межэтнические брачные союзы: чем они хороши или плохи
  18. Гагаузия меж двух огней: почему автономия оказалась в центре конфликта с Кишиневом.
  22. С грустью вдыхая людей безразличие, Ангел страдает в собачьем обличии…
  23. «Пурым не свято, а троска не хвароба»: март 1924-го
  24. Цифровая зависимость ухудшает как физическое, так и психическое здоровье
  25. Казахстанский каллиграф, обучавшийся мастерству в Турции, представил свои работы в Астане
  26. Что стоит за решением США построить порт в Газе?
  28. Езиды отмечают праздник наступления нового года «Клоча Саре Сале»
  30. Астрономы создали новую карту Вселенной с 1,3 млн сверхмассивных черных дыр
  31. В Иране произошло нападение на военный объект КСИР и полицейские участки
  32. Взгляды некоторых курдских писателей в отношении концепции Ницше о морали
  33. Что можно ожидать от конфронтации Израиля с Ираном?
  34. Иракские езиды отмечают Чаршама Сарсале (Çarşemа Serê Salê) «Праздник красной среды», в тяжелых лагерных условиях
  35. Китайская философия: влияние на современную культуру и общество
  36. «Неожиданный шаг»: почему Таджикистан и Турция отменили безвизовый режим?

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