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Quantum Psychologist Gulnara Inanch
Creation of man can come from a mind or soul, or from the merger of these two phenomena. To create in a state of mind is genius, complete departure to the mind is gross materiality. The fusion of mind and soul is a kind of comfortable platform for creation and for those who touch the created.
This is a platform for merging quantumness and materiality, that is, the transition from the state of the third dimension (material World) to the state of the fifth dimension (measurement of the heart or soul) to and vice versa.
Measuring what was said to the work of fashion designer Nargiz Eyvazova, this corresponds to the transition from material (physical world) to the spiritual (subtle world).
Her works can be very subtly distinguished from the whole mass of standard images, it’s also a connection to public consciousness, with the addition of spiritual energy to them.The modern world prefers to live with low primitive requirements and mentality.This can be observed looking at the products of modern clothes, accessories- their creation and wearing is designed for sexuality.
In other words, modern man needs to achieve any goal in life to focus on sexuality,that is, to the lowest energy centers. He must live wisely in order to feel the earth under his feet. Otherwise, he is afraid to break away from reality and become a strange in society. Nargiz has no call for sexuality, that is, to the lowest feelings what is required for existence in body consciousness.
Meanwhile, attention is focused on the mind, that aims higher to understanding the finer substance - the Soul.
Nargis balancing on the upper chakras opens to higher senses. All great things are done modestly and silently. She calls for modesty and simplicity, wherein lies the complexity of the mind. That is, a certain balance is created between the consciousness of the body and the consciousness of the Soul.
It seems that in her works she was lost in time, but this is the consciousness of the Soul (even unconsciously).
Timelessness or presence simultaneously at all times it is a touch to the consciousness of the Soul. The feeling that time with its manifestations is spinning in a whirlwind and creates a storm.
Her models jump from 18th century lace and velvet to the society of the eighties and nineties, when they tried to expand their existence with volumes and make your life easy simplicity of desires of the material world.
The feeling that characters from different times, that is, time crumbled, it is blurred. Her types in themselves combine different eras.
The color from the brightest to the tender. İt is the color and temperament of the soul. Bright blue is the color of the third eye. Connection with the divine. Connection with your higher self and simultaneously with the inner Child.
Violet is the color of the crown chakra, channel of acceptance of the Divine. Violet destroys the negative subtly, transforming it into Light.
Nargiz is a graduate of the Italian fashion school, which is characterized by a surge of emotions and openness of feelings. Italian temperament prefers the brightness of colors in an eventfulness. He is striving to turn everyday life into a celebration of emotions, not shy to show feelings.
Nargiz Eyvazova brought up in the Azerbaijani mentality chooses to hide feelings,avoids the demonstration of emotions. This is inner fire and passion under the cover of tenderness. Unlike the Italian soul, which is ready to burn and burn from the first touch, Azerbaijani soul slowly like mugam will not demonstrate the feelings that enveloped the fire of the Soul.
Nargiz makes it possible for every woman feel like a queen and not to sigh, that these garments are not for them.
To put it even easier, looking at her models you will not think: "I have to be like her, or my woman should be like that, on the contrary, to rejoice: "this is exactly me" or "this is my woman."
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