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Sunday, 12 May 2019 15:31

Imam Ali (A) and Justice

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Gulnara Inandzh ,Director of the International Online Analytical Center `Ethnoglobus`, expert,

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-If people adjust their earthly affairs, they will move away from any obligations to their religion,

then Allah will bring them even harder trials.

-When a man prays without actions he likes a man who wants to shoot a bow without a bowstring.

Imam Ali (a)

According to the Shiizm, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a) is the second of 14 immaculate after the Prophet Muhammad and the first of the 12 Imams. He was born 23rd year from Hijr the 13th of the month of Rajab in Mecca.

His father is Abu Talib, mother is Fatima. Prophet Muhammad (s) took Ali on education at the age of 6.

Imam Ali (a) was the spouse of Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah (a). Muslims swore allegiance to him as caliph and ruler of Muslims '35 AH. His reign lasted five years and when he was forty years old he was martyred   in the Mosque of Kufa in the month of Ramadan.

Name of Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a) more used as a subject for discussion around the discord between Muslims, which eventually led to a split in Mohammedanism on Sunni and Shiite. If you move away from this trend,  then we will face the image of a large historical, political, spiritual, military personality, embodying all the elements of the peacefulness of Islam. Imam Ali (a) was one of the first to convert to Islam  and throughout his life Muhammad (s) was near the prophet and accordingly he was imbued with spirituality, the morality of the Messenger of the Most High, and followed these qualities.

After the death of the Prophet (p.) Ali (a) before taking the oath as Caliph and ruler of the Muslims

in '35 the lunar Hijra he supported Islam and Muslims in every possible way   and at the right moment did not refuse the necessary orientation. 1

The wisdom, morality of Imam Ali (a) was honored by his contemporaries and companions of the Prophet,including the caliphs Omar (a), Usman (a) and Abu Bakr (a) who ruled before him.

Sheikh Suleiman Balkhi writes in a book by Janabi al-Mawaddat that Ali (a) said : "Ask me about mystery , for I am the heir of the prophets.` 2

Companions of the Prophet were turning to him while fulfilling the decrees of the scriptures of Allah

and they were consulting with his lordship.Caliph Omar repeatedly said that if it were not for Ali,

he would have been destroyed.3

One day, during the reign of Abu Bakr, Jews arrived in Medina with questions of interest to them.They were interested in what the Holy Quran says about the seven lad that...they spent three hundred years in a cave and nine more ...,and the Torah is indicated only number three hundred.

The reason for this contradiction could not indicate not only the caliph, but also other associates of the prophet.Finally, everyone turned for help to wise and solver of all problems Ali (a). His lordship said that there is no contradiction here, since the Jews use the solar calendar and Muslims same lunar one.The solar calendar has 365 days a year, and the lunar 354.Therefore, 33 solar years are equal to 34 lunar years.And three hundred sunny years are equal   three hundred and nine lunar years.4

In wisdom and knowledge, he was like his lordship to the great prophet (s.)so much so that it seemed he was a reflection of the prophet.Muhammad (s) said :`  I am a city of knowledge, and Ali is the gate to this city.Anyone who wants to enter it let him enter through the door.Ali (a) is always with Allah and Allah is always with Ali (a) and they are inseparable.What Ali will say is true and the way that he will indicate is the way of true. 5

Imam Ali (a) was a standard bearer in the battles of Badr, Uhud, Hendek (ditch) and Heybar.Before the fight Heybyar, the Prophet Muhammad (s) handed over the Islamic flag to Ali (a) and said: `Do not rush and do not worry  until you go down to their lands.Do not rush and do not worry   until you go down to their lands.Then call them to Islam, report on the divine basis and truth.Swear by Allah,for you gracious reunion of one person with Allah through you, more important than those appeals `

Jews living in Heybar were offered peace,them explained the peacekeeping mission of Islam.  This is evidence that Jihad is not the subject of the spread of Islam by harassment and threats.6

`Try to know people through the true  (Islamic dimension),not true through people.Learn the true, then you will understand who is right and who is not`: Imam Ali said. 7

A similar dimension of truee was manifested in his attitude and to military action.Khutba, testaments, letters and advice of Hazret Ali (a) were  collected in the book of Sayyid Sheriff Reza Mohammed ibn Hussein "Nehcul-belaqe".

In this book Imam Ali (a) always - when winning victory over the enemy and defeating he advised to be afraid of Allah, and to be careful when dealing with the temptations of earthly riches. 8.

Ali (a) advised the soldiers to be away from anger, to be fair even to captives not to be cruel to them and not to mock them.Do not torture my slaves (Hadishi - Gudesey).

Ali (a) recalling the commandments of Islam, he was advising the soldiers to beware of temptations,   do not touch the women captured from the enemy side.9.

Muslims, according to the Koran, should fight only against those who fight against them.Ali (a) has always was reminding the soldiers of this: ` Fight, with warring with you.`10.

His own words testify to piety and the peace-loving nature of the first immaculate imam:`In any state of mind,in joy and anger, observe justice and poise.Love the poor and talk to them ...In any conditions do not forget about God,Be kind and gentle with children, respect the old,do not eat food before you give a part of it in charity  in the way of the Lord, ”Imam Ali bequeathed.11.

He was distinguished by justice and mercy,  speaking out against manifestations of evil and injustice.Imam considered justice the most important quality in a person.In his khutbah he constantly urged the Muslim faithful to justice.

`Allah has ordainedsingle out daily portion of the wealth of the rich to feed the poor.If a poor one is hungry, then it is the fault of the rich,who did not give him his bread.He will answer for it before Allah`12.

Supporter of the Prophet Muhammad (s.) testified that Ali (a)spoke in during the khutba : `Talk to people about things they understand.Do not talk to them about what they do not understand.You wanted Allah and his messenger were caught in a lie?`

These statements, based on the mind and consciousness, are important from the point of view of pedagogy, psychology and methodology.Because in science, especially in religious science you can not expect success in education   without taking into account the level of mind and consciousness of the object being taught.13.


In Nehcul-belage Imam Ali (a) teaches people to be servants of Allah in the form of instruction, by ideology and examples from his life.Ali (a) praises Allah by his own perception  and praises Him to us according to his perception.A person who cognizes Allah correctly will be His right slave.14.

The Most High gave to every divine creation a different level of intelligence and knowledge.The perception and transmission of the theme and events occurs through the prism of our consciousness  insofar as we are allowed by the Most High.Man cannot know anything without the will of the Creator.Therefore, blame someone for his lack of prudence ,especially belittle him, or consider yourself higher than others because of the Almighty qualities given to him there is pride.In turn, the pride equal to identification with Allah and accordingly is one of the heavy sins.Only Allah is the Creator, and only he is worthy of praise.Ali (a) teaches people to be fair and deservedly considers it the main quality in a person.Everything is generated from the level of knowledge of the World and Allah.Also justice is the result of the manifestation of our knowledge.In other words, a person is just, kind, evil, etc. as far as he is able to realize the Creator.If man is allowed to know the world to the extent permitted by the Almighty,then the justice of the rational being may be relative.Justice is one of the names and characteristics of Allah, who, creating us, wished to see his creation like himself.

But the created cannot surpass or be the same as its Creator.Accordingly, justice is inherent only to the Creator,and we only get imitation.A person can be true only from his own point.Otherwise, the prophets would not be sent down to earth, in order to periodically direct the sinful world on the right path.


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