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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 05:36

Mysteries of the mountain Aveydagh

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Mysteries of the mountain Aveydagh photo: Sabit Djodjulu

Probably not many monuments of antiquity are shrouded in such a dense veil of secrecy as Mount Avei ...

 Mount Aveydag is one of the peaks of the Lesser Caucasus Range. It is 12 km from the village of Dash Salahli of the Gazakh region of Azerbaijan. There are about 30 caves, sanctuaries, and ancient Albanian temple, towering on its very top, possibly built on the place of the sanctuary. As you know, later followers of other beliefs built their churches on revered sacred places.

The name of the mountain Aveydag is a derivative of the name Ajevdag (Mount Aiyev), which means "Mountain on which the house of the moon" .Greek historian and geographer Strabo noted that the Albanians worshiped the Moon.This was typical of the ancient Türkic peoples. They had the word " Ai-Tengri ", the meaning of which is" The Deity of the Moon ". Similarly, drawing parallels, we can assume the connection between the name of Avey and the local clan of Ava, who are descendants of Willow - one of the 24 Oguz tribes. Developing the idea in this direction, one can connect the word Avei with the ancient Türkic word "Avei", which is characteristic of the dialect of the western region, which means "the first, ancient, primordial". Next, the words "ava, aba, apa" that with some Finno-Ugric and Türkic (Kipchak) languages ​​means "Mother." Proceeding from this and considering that Avei has been inhabited since the Paleolithic times it is logical that the tribes living in the early Middle Ages could give the name Mount Avei, referring to it as "ancient, ancestor or Mother Mountain.

Mount Avei is a unique place, an open-air museum! Many caves that are there are created, both by the hands of man, and by Nature itself. Before some caves are very difficult to get without special equipment, in some you get with great effort. A number of caves attract attention with low protrusions from the floor where prisoners could be held, since near them there are holes for shackles. Inside the caves, graffiti inscriptions can also be seen. Judging by the species, dated by different periods, in places severely damaged.A few kilometers down the hill you can see a mountain of pyramidal form.

It has an entrance from which you immediately get to the main hall, in which there is supposedly an altar for sacrifices, judging by its outlines. Seeing all this, you return to Strabo. His statements about the paganism of the ancient Albanians are curious: "In Albania there were temple territories, temple slaves and from their number priests choose those who are destined for human sacrifice to the gods." The man destined for sacrifice is pierced with a spear, and then all present trample him with his feet, performing the rite of purification "But to the greatest regret there is no information whether this territory was included in the above-described and whether there was something like this remains a mystery. No less curious and attracting attention is also a large area in front of this pyramidal natural construction. There are guesses that there was a certain construction, since the place is very reminiscent of the foundation of a building and completely devoid of vegetation and natural relief. In one part there is a depression , inside of which a lined stone row can be traced suggesting the presence of something lower that could be established in the course of research. Mount Avei with its complex of caves and an ancient temple intuitively feel a great opportunity to replenish the historical treasury. It stores in itself many secrets that for centuries wait for their time ......

Research and photo: Sabit Djodjulu

Author: Ina Babaeva


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