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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 07:38

Khizi - " Land of the rainbow mountains"

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Khizi - " Land of the rainbow mountains" photos : Sabit Djodjulu


Khizi ! A trip to this beautiful and historically interesting part of Azerbaijan will not leave anyone indifferent.The Khizi district was founded in the first half of the 20th century and is closest to Baku.Khizi has many sights, the district is a small homeland of famous Azerbaijani personalities - Mikail Mushfig, Jafar Jabbarli, and also full of stories and legends.The nature of Khizi is diverse and beautiful.

Most of it is covered with green plantations, which is combined with low, but stunning views of the mountains.Their unusual color is directly related to the release

of various layers of geological rocks.The mysterious moment when the natural process turns into a fairy tale.Also in Khyzy is the legendary Beshbarmag rock - a monument created by Nature itself and which attracts attention with its outlines, in the form of a raised hand.

It is located on the caravan route, which lay here in antiquity. At the very top of the mountain is the sanctuary of Hydyrzinda

As it was already said earlier, the territory where Khizi is located is rich in stories and legends. For example, according to some versions, the hero of the famous Türkic epos - Dada Gorgud lived and was buried in the territory of the Khizi district. And in history there is information about the arrival of the 12- th legion of the Roman Empire.

In Khizi, up until the 7th century, the cult of fire was developed. Later, the local population began to migrate to the Islamic religion. In the ancient village of Khalaj, which is located not far from the central part of Khizi, the Oguz tribe lived according to the stories, in honor of which this village was named. There still it is possible to contemplate gravestones with the image of the Sun - which was the symbol of the Safavids. In the territory of Khizi there are several ancient burials, along with relatively new ones.

On the way to these graves, it was decided to visit the place of Aji-Dere, where in about the 12th century a bloody battle took place. The number of nameless tombstones saddens and you understand that the name "tragic gorge" of this field justifies its essence


And in the cemetery Yel piri for many residents are still alive customs of distant ancestors. Here come people with various problems, in particular joint diseases, bringing to the tribute of the young goat .Khizi - one of the numerous places of our Republic of Azerbaijan, where you can get not only vivid impressions, but also plunge into the past of our native land, rich in history and legends

Research and photos : Sabit Djodjulu

Author : Ina Babaeva

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