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Thursday, 07 April 2016 06:42

AZERTAC reporting from Tartar: No shell explosions heard, but the scale of destruction is wide

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“No missile explosions are heard today in Tartar after suspension of operations on the front line. But in the last four or five days, a number of settlements in the region have been seriously damaged,” AZERTAC's correspondents dispatched to the frontline report.

As a result of Armenian provocations that started on the night of April 1, the region and the civilians have suffered a great damage.

"Yesterday`s morning a substation in Ismayilbayli village, which supplies electricity to 15 villages, was shot and destroyed by the enemy. Deliberately targeting infrastructure facilities, the Armenians tried to inflict maximum damage to the residential areas," our correspondents say.

“Villages up to 10 kilometers away from the frontline in Tartar are also continuously shelled. Local resident Mirza Rahimov, whose house was destroyed by a shell, says that it was a happy coincidence that they escaped death: "We were lucky to be in the yard. The shells exploded all of a sudden. There is no safe place in the house."

“Another shell exploded in the yard of his neighbor. Residents of the house were hospitalized.”

“There are destructions and injuries among the civilians in Duyarli village too. Two people were injured as the shells exploded in the yard of one of the houses in the village. Tartar was also shelled by the enemy, a number of houses were destroyed here.”

“The Armenians` targeting residential areas located far away from the fighting area testifies to the fact that they deliberately increase tension on the frontline,” our correspondents say.


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