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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 07:07

Pearl of Azerbaijan – Ordubad

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The pearl of Azerbaijan – Ordubad… This land is famous for its nature, climate, monuments, national and architectural landmarks, as well as for its exports of fruits and spices, and its unique cuisine. Dating back to the 17th century, architectural buildings of the city have preserved their antiquity. The ancient quarters are typical for Ordubad. Sersheher, Ambaras, Mingis, and etc. Every quarter has its square, mosque, sycamore trees, pool, fountain, and bath.

Lemon that does not have astringent taste

But Ordubad is not famous for only the antiquity of its architecture. Fruits of Ordubad are very tasty thanks to the city`s unique climate. Probably many of us tasted dried fruits of Ordubad and know their flavour. We would especially like to mention lemon of Ordubad, because citrus fruits have unique peculiarities. Ordubad lemon does not have astringent taste, and does not have a strong effect on blood pressure.

Lemons are grown almost in every yard in Ordubad. Representative of Executive Authorities Hikmat Nasirov says Ordubad lemons have been home grown from ancient times. “Lemon trees are planted in pots here. The pots should be neither in very sunny nor in very shadowy place. The trees have to be irrigated every day in summer, and once a week in winter. Lemon trees should not be kept in open air in winter.”

He says: “Lemon trees here are usually one meter in height. If irrigated normally one tree can give up to approximately 15 to 30 lemons. The price of lemon is expensive in the markets, with one costing around five manats. Big lemons may even cost 15 manats.”

Fried eggs of Ordubad

You cannot enjoy the cuisine of Ordubad anywhere else. You can only learn here the recipe how to prepare local dishes, but it requires skill to get the same taste. So Ordubad fried eggs may sound simple, but it is very difficult to make it. Its preparation requires a lot of time and effort.

But it is not just ordinary fried eggs we are used to cook. Imagine that you need two kilograms of butter, 18 eggs and juice from a cup of honey to make this dish. One of the famous cooks of Ordubad Asiman Tagiyev says that if you eat a slice of Ordubad omelet in the morning you do not feel hungry till the evening.

Those who want to visit a medieval city may come to Ordubad. It is enough to stroll about the ancient neighborhoods for it. The remains of ancient houses, old doors and gates can be found here. Therefore, Ordubad is the best place to not only have a rest in nature, but also to change the taste of your mouth.


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