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Monday, 04 February 2019 18:39

Iran is the third force in the modern Middle East geopolitics

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Gulnara Inandzh, director of the International online analytical center "Ethnoglobus" (ethnoglobus.az), expert

The events of recent years taking place on the planet including in the Middle East show that all attempts to represent the world so unipolar after the collapse of the Soviet Union is untrue.

Now for the division of the sphere of influence in the Middle East are involved not only the USA and Russia (as the successor of the USSR),but also regional states including Iran.

Iranian shah Pahlavi   strove for to become an equal player in the region in the 70s. last century, but in return he was getting only promises.1.

Western partners were not interested in Iran’s economic strengthening. Theydissuaded the Shah from creating his own heavy industry, first of all ferrous metallurgy. And was refused to assist him in this matter.

Later with the help of the Soviet Union was built the country's first metallurgical plant with a full production cycle in Isfahan.2.

The during Cold War Iran was used as a bridgehead against the Soviet regime, but West didn't need in strong and equal partner in the region.

With the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, a third force appeared in the region.

Really the leader of Islamic revolution Khomeini realized the attempts of Shah Pahlavi which want to turn Iran into a competitive geopolitical power in the Middle East.

Iran is a significant factor in modern Near East geopolitics, third force with which are just forced to be considered as in the East, also in the West and in the North.

Tehran`s audacious foreign policy forced to recognize its Middle Eastern positions in the international arena. For example,elite Iranian military-political formation Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps involves in the military operations of the Syrian government.

Iran joins to Geneva peace talks in November 2015 after Washington agreed with the participation of Tehran in the meeting. Iran together Russia and Turkey was one of the organizers of the negotiations in Astana. 3.

That is Tehran authorities are actively participating in the hostilities, thereby forces to recognize Iran as a party to the peace talks on the Syrian issue.

Tehran strengthens its position in Iraq through the Arab-Shiite community of the country recognized as a party in the domestic political power-sharing.

May 19, 2018 after the parliamentary elections in Iraq the best result by a vote in the Council of Representatives of Iraq had coalition "Sayrun" ("Going Forward"), headed by a Shiite politician and preacher Muktada al-Sadr - the bloc received 54 mandates. The second place was taken by the coalition "Fatah" ("Victory")led by the commander of the Shiite militarized organization “Badr”, the former transport minister Hadi al-Amiri - the coalition now has 47 deputy mandates.4.

After the announcement of the anti-Iran sanctions Iraqi authorities officially announced that don`t follow all USA sanction against Iran, but limits to the refusal of the use of the dollar in trade with Iran. 5.

This step Baghdad can be estimated as the result of Tehran's influence in Iraqi politics.

In addition Tehran plays an important role in weakening of the use of the Kurdish card in the Near East and attempts to dismember Iraq and Syria.

With the split of Iraq and Syria and with the provision of statehood to the Kurds, part of the territories of these states inhabited by Shiites would come under the control of Iran.

We have a similar experience in Abkhazia, South Ossetia in Georgia, Donbas and Crimea in Ukraine. It is hard accept and agree with it but Moscow anticipated ousting Russia from the Black Sea.

This fact reserves every state the right to defend its borders, conduct military operations in the bordering countries if danger leaks from there.Turkey operates according to this principle supplanting Kurdish militants and radical Islamists.

Iran by supporting Yemeni Shiites, makes Saudi Arabia nervous.

In result The Royal family announces about the possibility of recognizing Israel, about greatest Arabian NATO, calls for cooperation with Tehran.

Iran manifests itself in the politics of Israel in the region. Tel Aviv accuses Tehran of shooting its positions on the Golan Heights,  supporting of Hezbollah and the Palestinians in their hostility against the Jewish state.

These examples are only part of the facts which demonstrate the role of Iran as third force preventing the bipolar world.

Great powers underestimate and take no notice of regional country capability and itself position in the struggle for the division of the world.

Otherwise The West, in particular USA with itself policy of democratization led to the strengthening and expansion of the influence of Iran and Turkey in the region. But Turkey is another topic.


1. Виноградов В. М. Наш Ближний Восток. Записки советского посла в Египте и Иране, / В. М. Виноградов — «Алгоритм» 2016, — (Мемуары под грифом «секретно»).





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