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Thursday, 31 May 2018 10:07

The alliance with the MHP is voting from the AK Party.

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Mr. Atılgan, the elections on June 24 are approaching. Can any party win the first round, or will the elections be in the second round?
Atılgan Bayar: At present, my research shows that the voices of the two allies are very close together. There are two social segments that determine the outcome of the elections; one of which is the Kurds, and the second is the AK Party. According to figures I have, it is impossible to get results in the first round.
What do you mean those who voted for HDP or in general, when you say Kurdish? 
Atılgan Bayar: No, I usually speak about the Kurds, but the HDP voters are an important part of it.
So, Will HDP voters support the Republican Union in the second round or the National Union?
Atilgan Bayar: Probably the CHP policy will determine this. It seems that growing voices, the closeness of the two alliances, is the right decision of Muharram Inca's candidacy. If the CHP takes steps that can lead the Kurds and believers to themselves, I think it can lead to the blessing of the League of Nations. No, if it can not, and the AKP can do it despite the MHP, it will the contrary. Alliance with the MHP has suffered great damage to the AK Party. MHP gets a negative reaction from  other parts of society, such as Kurds and non-national Turks. I mean, the alliance with the MHP is voting from the AK Party. 
Erdogan’s vote rate has declined recently. Especially, the valuation of dollar is confirm  to have caused this. Do you agree with that?
Atilgan Bayar: Loss of voices began before economic reasons. I think that Erdogan is a democratic person and I believe it. However, over the course of two years, many radicalization and other styles of society have begun to stand out. This is also related to the initiative on  July 15 coup attempt. The sharp language that was put forward there began to be permanent. Those who support Erdogan in the media also share this language. On July 15, the government's hard action against FETO was a right and correct measure. Even if I were they, it would have to be harder. However, when faced with such a harsh response to the FETO, there was supposed softening of the other part of society, but it did not happen. or this reason, this has led to the emergence of an expression far away from the people of the AK Party and Erdogan. An idea began to spread: The Union is a patriot, and no one else loves their country as much as they love. It caused a great reaction in society and led to a loss of voice. The economic crisis and the rise of the dollar also cause this loss of voice.
You talked about a coup attempt, I would like you to be in a state of emergency, It has not been canceled for 2 years. Why do you see the reasons for the non-cancellation of the state of emergency?
Atılgan Bayar: I think you need an emergency situation. Emergency situation is important tools for struggle with FETO. But when emergency situation which it turns into a pre-election propaganda, it leads to a major reaction of voters, but there is no problem in the emergency situation, because a state of emergency is needed in dealing with a terrorist organization that has dropped to the capillary vessels of the state.
After the emergency situation 100,000 people have been arrested. Erdogan say his own word, 'Horse footprint should not be confused with the dog,' But for two years, we see that people are in prison. 
Atılgan Bayar: I mean, there are people who have been imprisoned unjustly and who have been unjustly dismissed. But all of them do not react to the state and the government as they know how important it is to fight against FETO. The problem is not there.
Do you believe that it will be resolved after the election?
Of course, there is not the main problem OHAL. They are not the people who are justified by the OHAL, they don’t say, "I will not vote for Erdogan."
Interviewed by  Mirali Mirhashimli
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