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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 06:58

Ambassador of Palestine: US Embassy relocation does not have any legal impact on status of Jerusalem

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"In a rather typical nihilistically disruptive act President Trump fulfilled his pledge to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in blatant violation of International Law, UN resolutions and the United States’ own written commitments, as well as universal warnings and entreaties from regional and international leaders against such a move as it would entail a major blow to any meaningful peace and stability in the region".

Report was told Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Azerbaijan Nasser Abdul Karim.

“This act does not have any legal impact on the status of Jerusalem. Al-Quds (Jerusalem) will continue to be a Palestinian city no matter what the US and its extremists allies in Israel say, as it was since thousands of years where every stone and building in the Holy city attests to its Palestinian Muslim and Christian character”, - ambassador said.

“We all watched yesterday through the split TV screens the surreal and rather Orwellian images, where Mr. Trump’s team were celebrating with their Israeli friends opening the embassy in Jerusalem on one side, and on the other side of the screen the immediate effect of their act where thousands of unarmed Palestinian civilians exercising their right to express their indignation were maimed and tens of them slaughtered”, - ambassador of Palestine noted.

“The State of Palestine condemns in the strongest terms the US policy, and will use all the diplomatic, legal and political means in coordination with the Arab, Muslim and international community to counter this destructive policy, as well as reject any US inspired so-called deals, and push toward establishing an International mechanism to achieve peace and end the Israeli occupation”, - Nasser Abdul Karim said.

According to him, the US is undeniably a super military, political and economic power, but by not adhering to International law, global adopted order and reneging on its worldwide commitments as we’ve been witnessing, it has basically forfeited itself of any moral compass and credibility.



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