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Friday, 08 June 2018 11:48

Is there a coup in Echmiadzin?

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 On June 6, in Echmiadzin, where the administration of the Armenian church is located and where the office of its head Catholicos is located, a riot began demanding his resignation.One of the church leaders, Koryun Arakelyan, stated that the Catholicos Garegin was "forcibly and under pressure from the KGB", the Armenian media reported."Our Catholicos does not have the faith that every ordinary believer feels for God.

The time has come for our church to be free, purified, and we have an impeccable patriarch with immaculate behavior, who honors prayer and loves his flock," said the abbot of the Surb Gayane monastery, Koryun Arakelyan.When asked why the group of priests demands the resignation of the Catholicos, Koryun Arakelyan said: "Recently our Prime Minister was met with love and respect in Sardarapat, and the Catholicos was in a miserable and rejected status, none of the people approached him and asked him blessings.

It was painful to look at it, God put in me that power to come out and demand the peaceful resignation of the Catholicos. ""With great regret I must say that the name of Garegin II is discredited, we see on the Internet hundreds of articles about his business. The Catholicos should love the people, and must not sit on the throne with the help of bribes and violent actions."In turn, the representative of Echmiadzin made a statement that the Catholicos Garegin urged clergymen demanding his resignation for the meeting on June 7.Koryun Arakelyan answered: "We are not going to negotiate, but to advance our demand. If it is not fulfilled, then protests will continue every day. "

After the change of power in Yerevan and a series of resignations in Karabakh, the velvet revolution reached the Armenian church. Apparently, the change of power in Etchmiadzin is inevitable.
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