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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 00:00

Blocking Cell Phone Signals in Public Buildings.

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By Almaz Mahmoud

An article was made for GIPA for GİPA course

Although doctor’s fact and rejects heart-operated 57 year old Ilqar Mursalov claimed that cell phone signal made for him health problem when he was in one public place. Even he didn’t make official claim but he insist that the main reason of his heart attack was sudden phone call. According to experts sudden movements or sounds can increase heartbeats in one who focuses on something, but it doesn’t main reason.

İlqar Mursalov was born in Tartar, one of Azerbaijan town, in 1960, 20 Feburary. Now he lives in Baku and works at the Azerbaijan Food and Packaging company is called “Milla”, as nutrition assistant. Once when he was in event of one of the NGOs in Baku suddenly he scared from phone signal and after it he felt worse. So he was carried to Oil Workers Hospital. His doctor Seymur Musayev says that the reason of urgent surgery is heart attack. He says it is long term process: “But it is not logical that the reason for the surgery is sudden phone call.

Maybe the call caused to excitement. But we don’t think that we should consider it as a reason”. Ilgar Mursallov also acknowledges that the heart problem is a long term process. But he think that sudden call made the process to be speedy. “I never complained with my heart problem until such event. It is right that , sometimes I felt a bit pain on my breast”-Ilqar says it. He says that at that moment he has had no money for operation and he forced to get money from his relative. Unfortunately Azerbaijan has no insurance system for all. By the way Mursalov’s salary is 500 manat (250 USA dollar). Then for surgery his wife took credit from bank and paid relative. Ilqar’s wife paid 5 thousand manat (nearly 4.500 dollar) to hospital.

“Fortunatly, that time didn’t happen devaluation in Azerbaijan”-says Ilqar. Actually heart surgery operation costs are most expensive for Azerbaijani citizens. They always complain from it. Only international organizations which work in Azerbaijan insure its workers including Azerbaijani citizens. According to the State Statistical Committee, 55 648 people passed away with different illness in 2014 . Of them 33,453 died due to heart attacks. For doctors’ observations now this Illness is getting increase.

Main reasons are stress, bad habits and unhealthy nutritions. Ilqar’s opinion doesn’t change and think that there should be prohibition of noisy phone calls in public buildings. He also thinks that having loud signal is an impolite pattern.

Psychologist Gulnara Inanc says that sudden movements or sounds can increase heartbeats in one who focuses on something isn’t ready for any change: “Even when suddenly wake up, you can see increased heartbeats. Even unexpected good news also increase human heartbeats. According to contemporary science, severe laughter and joy can conclude in death. Sick person is more unprotected to external impacts and sensitive psychologically.

But this does not mean that the sudden phone call influence to homebodies health which could cause to immediate heart operation. At first sight it seems that, in generally the reason is psychologically. He doesn’t ready for accidents in his life when happens something suddenly he don’t make dynamic decisions, couldn’t bring new way for his life style, looks from negative sides to the presses, afraid of changes”.

European Union has such regulation which regulate the noises. For these regulations environmental noise pollution relates to noise caused by road, rail and airport traffic, industry, construction, as well as some other outdoor activities. But they don’t mentioned the call noise to these list. For these reputations prolonged exposure to noise can lead to serious health effects mediated by the human endocrine system and by the brain, such as sleep disturbance, cardiovascular diseases, annoyance (a feeling of discomfort affecting general well-being), cognitive impairment and mental health problems. It can also cause direct effects such as tinnitus.

“The effects of exposure to noise impact EU economies. They lead to a loss of productivity of workers whose health and well-being are affected by noise, put a burden on health care systems and cause a substantial depreciation of real-estate value”- mentioned in these requlations. In generally, scientific researches show that there have health problems related with noices. The regulation and laws set by the parliament in Azerbaijan. There some new law discussion in Azerbaijan parliament.

Aydin Mirzazade, deputy of parliament says that there was no offer from the parliamentarians. For him there wouldn’t be such discussion for a long term in the parliament: “But I think there should be respect from ones to other in the public places. No need to carry the phone with open noices. They have to reduce cell phone’s signals and to be carefully”. Finally, blocking or not blocking cell phone signals in public buildings? It depends on people and their personal behavior.


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