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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 08:13

USA is a Loser in a Dispute with the World

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USA is a Loser in a Dispute with the World https://www.google.ru
Extremist Zionists are in decision making in US and push Trump the current president to satisfy his son-in-law Kushner and his daughter Ivanka the matter that will lead USA to a real curse. Surely, we are in the biggest media war in the world, because as we said several times before the USA economy on the brink and no internal reform could be occurred, as long as the two main parties and lobbies are controlled by powerful families like Rockefeller's, Roschield's, Morgan's etc...
 For only personal profits regardless the 500 million citizen who represent the US people. We are justifying why we are in a sever global media war, we do remember the brilliant interview of Fox News, the biggest media channel worldwide, that has made with the Tsar Putin coinciding with of Helsinki Summit with Trump in July, whereas Putin has put the American TV presenter in several critical situations throughout 35 minutes, it seemed that Putin almost controlled the interview and made it on his own way.
 Not only that, Putin addressed several deep messages to the USA audience the followers of such big channel, also Putin gave the USA audience the impression that USA officials themselves, as of President until the TV presenter, used to lie to them, because that amazing success of the world cup Russian Mondial 2018 demolished all the stereotype images made about Russia.
 Thus, USA institutions criticized Trump for holding such interview and closed meeting with Putin alleged that it made USA lose in it, in addition they postponed the invitation that was addressed to Putin from Trump to visit USA in September, lest Putin, this charismatic figure, to address USA people, via USA media, several messages that could made them dissatisfied with their regime. 
Putin in this interview reaffirmed several times that there is no a tangible proof about USA allegations concerning meddling in their Presidential elections, and all the trials they made or fabricated to prove that were vain. The same issue he repeated concerning the false allegation of poisoning of Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, and when the presenter asked him, is not it strange that all such incidents related to Russia? Putin answered, it happens everywhere, of course Russia is a big a power and a member of SC and has some enemies, and Russia is a country respecting the power of the law, but just show me one evidence against Russia in such incidents, but I am reminding you that you have a president assassinated in the beginning of 1960s and so far no criminal has been presented to the justice in USA, is that a good thing? 
Also concerning the maltreatment with Afro-Americans using brutality by police that led to several killings, is that represents USA democracy? Despite all of that, yesterday we were surprised that USA has imposed new sanctions on Russia concerning Skripal fabricated incident made by the British regime, as if they are blowing in the fire again. 
The problem here is the presence shrinking of USA, Britain and Isreal in the Middle East, especially after the big loss in Syrian battlefield, despite all the amounts spent, around US$ 1 trillion, by KSA and UAE to support them and bringing mercenaries from 100 nationalities to carry out such diabolic plan concerning collapse of Syrian regime to the favor of Israel and concluding the century deal to sell Palestine to Israel and keep Arab autocratic regimes safe as long as they accept and normalize with Israel. As revealed by different US and British experts and columnists that maybe Obama was good and generous enough with both of Iran and Turkey during his era as both of them are considered pivotal countries nearby USA permanent enemies "China and Russia", but unfortunately the Americans they are far enough to understand the integration of civilizations of such 4 countries. 
Our view concerning the good understanding amid the four countries China and Russia are the main supporters currently for Iran and Turkey especially in the crisis of USA withdrawal from 5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, the Russian extra trade and armament deals with Turkey, because according to the foreign policy of China and Russia, Iran and Turkey are very important and reliable allies to carry out the new alliances especially Silk Road Initiative that includes currently 65 countries, G20 by which China, Russia and Turkey are members, BRICS as well as SCO. It is a double war, media war from one side, by which the west presided by USA is the winner because they spend a lot on media as well as they control over digitalization.
 Economic war by which the East I mean Asia including China is the winner as long as China is the world biggest treasury for foreign currencies and finance. Thus, our battle currently is not the money, as long as China is the world financier not any other country, having great economic alliances with EU, Africa, Arab world, Latin America, our battle is how to unify our efforts and to know who is our future ally, as well as how to have a unified media platform for all of us, the countries which aggrieved by USA, because as we see and monitor that USA is irresponsible partner and quitted about ten international agreements once Trump reached the presidency. 
The most ironic thing that even with Canada, USA used KSA to revenge from Canada concerning the recent failed drama concerning the status of human rights in KSA, and the Canada request from KSA to free some activist detained in prison for illogical crimes or for some tweets, the matter that made KSA expresses its fury from Canada and dismisses its ambassador, because USA gave it the green light, but when some US and British NGOs disclose some human rights scandals inside KSA, nobody in KSA can object such reports, an absolute double standard. The timing was very good for KSA to cover the massacres by which Saudi-Emirati military alliance is carrying out on civil targets in Yemen especially the latest two incidents the first the last week attacking a gate of hospital and yesterday attacking young students school bus in Saada, and unfortunately no urgent session to be held in security council for USA, UK, KSA and UAE mutual interests, what a hell is that!!! Concerning the opportunity that our countries may get the profit of it according to this trade war, as long as we are countries like "Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, ASEAN etc.." are not vulnerable to the USA trade sanctions, we could offer our third party services to the countries vulnerable to USA sanctions "China, Russia, Canada, Iran, Turkey and EU" via the transfer of production lines and factories to our countries at least in garments production, thus we can get the know-how, train and gain a greater numbers of manpower, fighting unemployment, as well as a percentage of the profits of such projects.
 Also maybe "Occupy Movement" was aborted by USA regime, as they were aware that all the economic crises worldwide made by the money lenders of Wall-Street, who where the reason of the global recession in 2007-2009, and also who resorted, via CIA, to Drugs Tycoons for seeking their liquidity to save Wall-Street financial system, IMF and WB, which is considered the biggest money laundry scandal in the contemporary history. 
However, maybe a group greater than "Occupy Movement" is being formed, and this time no one in USA will stop them, because the economic performance not better than neither Bush, nor Obama, and USA economic curve is always down. 
Finally, it is the time for China and the other countries which vulnerable to US sanctions to shift to Yuan instead of US$, as well as barter system, I remember when USA and IMF were practicing pressures on the left government of Argentina by the beginning in 2000 and made it in a deficit status according to scarcity of US$, as there was a leftist Argentinean president called "Cristina Kirchner" she was against USA supremacy and atrocity, also she wished Argentina to be an absolute independent state, at such time Chavez, the Venezuelan president, advised her to carry out with him the barter system, as Argentina is full of livestock and Venezuela is full of oil, thus Venezuela could import meat from Argentina in return for Oil without need for US$.
 We remember that the Egyptian leader Nasser did the same 60 years before, when he created with his counterparties from India, Yugoslavia and Indonesia "Non Aligned Movement" to circumvent the USA sanctions.
 Ahmed Moustafa Political Economist Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation Member of CODESRIA and Group of Strategic Vision Russia and Islamic World
Ahmed Moustafa
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